Summer Vacation 2013 – Day 3: Part 2

All photos in this post are courtesy of the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team!   With my right knee in bad shape, and nightfall on its way, things were looking pretty bad.  I’d probably have to search for an open area and set up the tent I was carrying if my friends weren’t able to reach me.  Technically, you’re  not supposed to camp in the forest, but there was nothing much else I could do beyond abandoning the backpack, full of hundreds of dollars of camping supplies that didn’t belong to me.   I continued waiting…

Summer Vacation 2013 – Day 3: Part 1

Thanks to my friend Chris for the shot above, and a couple further down the post! MOVING ON UP Day 3 of my summer vacation opened up with a welcome by the unexpected visitor, a male mosquito we had mercifully let live the night before.

Summer Vacation 2013 – Day 2

MONKEYWRENCH The end of day 1 into the morning of day 2 was a continuous panic.  Weather sites were predicting rain and thunderstorms through most of the day in New England.  We did a bunch of last minute research, scouting out areas in MA, NH, and even VT, trying to find rain-free areas.   The biggest issue was finding places that allowed camping on the mountain.  Not too big of a selection, and in the end, even with the chance of rain, we settled on Mt. Liberty in NH.

Review: JPEGmini

One of my main goals for this new site was to bump up the resolution of the images, in order to give viewers a fullscreen experience.  Of course, with larger images came larger file sizes.  There were a bunch of JPEG optimizing programs out there, but they all seemed to have some sort of disadvantage holding them back.  After searching for a bit, I took a gamble on JPEGmini.

Review: C3C Image Size

Yes, it’s in Russian.  No, that doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that this free little Photoshop plugin completely wipes the floor with Photoshop’s best image reduction algorithms.