Hello, Jersey Shore!

Long time no see.  Been busy recently with my move from north central Florida to the Jersey Shore.  Expect some fresh photo content soon, along with reviews of the new Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and Huelight’s camera profiles for Photoshop and Lightroom.  And one major event this fall…

Orlando Speed World: Drift Day 23 – Part 1

END OF THE ROAD On the night of December 29, 2013, Central Florida Racing Complex (CFRC) closed its gates for good.  A victim of zoning issues, its events were too loud for the neighboring communities.  It attempted to get by through eliminating drag racing, its loudest event, but that didn’t turn out as well as expected, with drag racing being the biggest money maker.  In the end, it was forced to shut down.  Thanks for the 4 years of epic motorsports memories, CFRC!

Sony NEX-6: Compact Body, Nikon Quality

Sony NEX-6 with Sigma 30mm F/2.8 DN Art Lens THE PERFECT MATCH So, I’ve been trying out a few mirrorless cameras, in real life and through RAW files, attempting to find the ideal one to sit alongside my Nikon D7100 in a small, lightweight form factor for daily use.  Lots of cameras out there have nice features, fast AF, a bunch of lenses available, etc.  But the one thing that they lack?  Image rendering.  

Canon EOS M – Time to Defect from Nikon?

NIKON FTW! I’ll start right off by admitting I’m a Nikon fanboy.  I’ve always loved their D/SLRs’ ergonomics and features, and their lenses’ and sensors’ image quality, compared to any of their competitors’.  I’ve owned a D90, D7000, D7100, N80, N90s, EM, and even an old Nikkormat FT2.  The only current non-Nikon camera I have in use is my Panasonic GH2, and that’s solely for video because of the insane image quality.  But I hate its rendering for photos.  With a passion.  So, why did I bother with the EOS M, a Canon camera?  Let alone a DSLR shoehorned into …

Summer Vacation 2013 – Day 3: Part 2

All photos in this post are courtesy of the Pemigewasset Valley Search and Rescue Team!   With my right knee in bad shape, and nightfall on its way, things were looking pretty bad.  I’d probably have to search for an open area and set up the tent I was carrying if my friends weren’t able to reach me.  Technically, you’re  not supposed to camp in the forest, but there was nothing much else I could do beyond abandoning the backpack, full of hundreds of dollars of camping supplies that didn’t belong to me.   I continued waiting…

Summer Vacation 2013 – Day 3: Part 1

Thanks to my friend Chris for the shot above, and a couple further down the post! MOVING ON UP Day 3 of my summer vacation opened up with a welcome by the unexpected visitor, a male mosquito we had mercifully let live the night before.